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Project Description
This project has the pupose of overcoming the horror of using audience targeting in SharePoint when you move a web application to another farm or set it to be hosted by another SSP.

These are STSADM commands from exporting and importing audiences.
Audiences are not included in content deployment or when moving content databases to a new farm. The audience information are located
in the Shared Services adminastrive database (in table Orgle_List), not its content database and due to constraints you can not alter an id of an audience
or create a new audience with a specific id.

Since audience targeting is defined with the id of an audience, the targeting will fail if you move content from one server to another
and create new audiences with the same name as in the source. Audience targeting will also fail if you set a web application to be hosted on another
shared services provider.

What we need to do is to export the audience information from the source, import it to the destination and replace all old id's with the new.
That means we need to parse through all items in all lists and all webparts in all web applications that are hosted by a specified shared services provider.

A pretty massive operation, but it seems to work!

Please report any bugs!

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